The most common age for orthodontic treatment is age 12-15 because usually all adult teeth are present at this time and the jaws are sufficiently developed to proceed with the placement of braces to align the teeth, improve jaw positions, and balance the bite.

This is also a critical time in the social development of most children and a time when self-esteem is most likely to be adversely affected by dental alignment problems. Because having braces at this age is now the norm not the exception, children at this age are often quite receptive to having braces, especially once they understand how straight forward, comfortable, and fun we can make it!

When all the permanent teeth have come in, full orthodontic treatment can then be completed. The teenage yeas are still the most common time for getting braces, though more and more adults are getting braces too.

Now more than ever, getting braces as a teenager is very common, comfortable, and fast. With your choice of metal braces, colourful braces, or clear braces, you can customize your braces to fit your style!

Many teenagers also opt for non-braces options like invisalign which can work really well in the right situation.


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