Treatment For Children

Children should have their first orthodontic check up by age 7. At this age, it is often too early to actually start orthodontic treatment, but it’s a great opportunity to identify developing problems early, which makes subsequent treatment much simpler and more successful.

In many cases, simple treatments can be provided at a young age to create adequate space for permanent teeth, correct undesirable jaw growth patterns such as overbite and underbites, and greatly reduce the length and complexity of treatment with full braces in the teenage years.

For children with baby teeth or a mix of baby teeth and adult teeth, the focus is on early detection and prevention. The focus is to catch developing problems early so they can be treated with simple interventions that can prevent or reduce the need for more complicated treatments later.

The main goals of early treatment are:

The best age for a child’s first orthodontic check is age 7.

  1. Ensuring that all the teeth have enough room to come in as straight as possible
  2. Correct growth issues to treat overbites and underbites without jaw surgery or extractions
  3. Improve smile aesthetics to help boost self-image and self-esteem

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