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Kevin’s main reason for seeking orthodontic treatment was the deep overbite and crowded front teeth.

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Before getting braces, Ashlynn’s teeth were a major source of discomfort for her.

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Daryenne started with extremely crowded upper and lower teeth. Her bite was uncomfortable because her back teeth did not fit together well.

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What our patients have to say

You guys do a great job! You're always smiling and nice to talk to (trying to speak French). I would never find a better place to go so it would be my pleasure to refer you to a friend. My son was also a bit afraid to go, but after meeting you he's just excited to start!

– Roxanne O. –

I cannot explain how comfortable I felt at the dentist today. I have never liked dentist visits but coming to Quest was the best choice! The receptionist remembered who I was and helped me out so much when it came to getting the things I needed before my braces were put on. The dentists I had was just as amazing. They remembered what my job was and made me feel so comfortable by telling me what they were doing next and explaining how they were going to it, they did their very best to keep me calm while putting on my braces! What a great place.

– Sarah M –

Quest is a great place to go for most of your dental issues. I was there today and it took them an hour to put in my braces and it didn't hurt either. Where as some of my friends that get them from somewhere else said takes a whole bunch of time and also it hurts the first few hours or days and it hasn't started to me yet at all.

– Muhib A –

Dr. Mo, Brittany and Melissa, have been awesome!! They explained what was going to happen, how and when. Great personalities and very easy to talk to which makes for great appointments!

– Courtney W –

I was a little scared of all of the stuff they were going to do in my mouth. Then all of the ladies were so nice that I wasn't scared anymore. The man doctor (Dr. Mo) was good at showing me stuff.

– Katey, 7 yrs old –

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