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Braces and Such

The first braces were invented in 1728 and consisted of a flat strip of metal connected the teeth with thread! Things sure have changed a lot in almost 200 years of research and development, and today we’re able to use amazing new technology to make the process of straightening teeth easier and more comfortable than ever. There are even ways to straighten teeth without using braces at all!

The Right age

Early Treatment

Children should have their first orthodontic check up by age 7. At this age, it is often too early to actually start orthodontic treatment, but it’s a great opportunity to identify developing problems early, which makes subsequent treatment much simpler and more successful.

In many cases, simple treatments can be provided at a young age to create adequate space for permanent teeth, correct undesirable jaw growth patterns such as overbite and underbites, and greatly reduce the length and complexity of treatment with full braces in the teenage years.

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The most common age for orthodontic treatment is age 12-15 because usually all adult teeth are present at this time and the jaws are sufficiently developed to proceed with the placement of braces to align the teeth, improve jaw positions, and balance the bite.

This is also a critical time in the social development of most children and a time when self-esteem is most likely to be adversely affected by dental alignment problems. Because having braces at this age is now the norm not the exception, children at this age are often quite receptive to having braces, especially once they understand how straight forward, comfortable, and fun we can make it!

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More and more adults are discovering the incredible benefits orthodontic treatment can have. Adult patients are often ones who have always wanted straight teeth but never had the opportunity to have orthodontic treatment in the past.

Fortunately, orthodontic techniques and materials now exist that enable Dr. Mo to provide orthodontic treatment to adults of all ages that is comfortable and efficient, resulting in shorter treatment times and excellent results.

Braces, invisalign &
other ortho technology

Metal braces: We use high-tech clinically-proven metal braces designed to move teeth as gently and efficiently as possible. This enables us to provide great results consistently and in a shorter amount of time. We offer several different types of metal braces depending on each patient’s individual situation.

Clear braces: Braces don’t have to be made of metal! We also offer treatment with clear braces which are much less noticeable than their metal counterparts and still offer fantastic results. Clear braces are made of a porcelain-like material that either matches your tooth colour or is completely transparent.

Invisalign: This amazing technology allows Dr. Mo to straighten teeth without even using braces at all! This system works by using a series of clear, customized, removable plastic aligners that slip over your teeth to move them gently into proper alignment. Benefits? You can eat any food you like because the aligners are removable! Keep your teeth clean is also easier, and straightening your teeth without anyone noticing is a huge bonus.

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